Our Mission

The objects for which the Association is established are:

Next Meeting

Wednesday May 4, 2016

Location: Toowoomba City Library, Seminar Room (top level); corner of Victoria St and Herries St.

The Toowoomba Apple And Macintosh User Group Inc.

Flash! The December 2015 meeting was the last to be held at the CEDAR Centre. The next meeting will be on May 4th 2016, at the new Toowoomba City Library, in one section of the Seminar Room on the upper level. This will be a trial of this venue.

We are a small group of users of Apple computers and devices, keen to improve our abilities by supporting and guiding one another, sharing ideas, knowledge and skills, in a happy, friendly environment.

Our members range from new users, to very experienced and skilful users, keen to assist, and learn from others.

We meet monthly (except January), having a special presentation on aspects of the use of Macintosh computers and iOS devices, other Apple devices, or on compatible equipment and accessories. The exact topics for this presentation are basically determined by members. Our emphasis is on having a good time with friends.

The Club has three basic aims: providing assistance, disseminating information and effectively combining our knowledge of computer activities.

We welcome all who are interested in Apple products. Come along and try one of our meetings.